Baptiste Inspired Heated Power Yoga and Yoga Therapy Studio in Avon Connecticut



True North Power Yoga is an intimate boutique style studio.  We are designed to offer personal and individual attention to ensure proper alignment and technique while allowing you to develop your practice both physically and spiritually.  True North Power Yoga is the only yoga studio dedicated to teaching Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga using the Baptiste methodology in the Farmington Valley. Pamela Mirante, the owner and founder of True North Power Yoga, is a highly trained and skilled 500 ERYTcertified Baptiste teacher from the Baptiste Institute.  Baptiste Yoga was founded in the 1940’s by Walt Baptiste and continues to evolve to this day through the teachings of his son, Baron Baptiste.  The style is inspired by the hatha yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students B.K.S. Iynegar and Desikachar, whom Baron Baptiste studied with from a young age.  The Power sequence is designed to empower you with focus, training, and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. The sequence is fun, invigorating, and accessible to anyone.  It is a powerful, flowing practice done in a heated room.

What is Power Vinyasa?

Our Power Vinyasa is a combination style yoga practice that blends different traditions of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iynegar and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Methodology.   This physical practice empowers and creates possibility to overcome personal challenges and barriers that can block and stop people from living an extraordinary life.  This powerful practice taps into your inner strength and desires to transform yourself into something bigger and greater than just yourself.  When committed to this practice you will experience a personal revolution that will guide you to living your authentic, true self that will begin your journey to living an extraordinary life.  It delivers results and brings you fully into your body, demanding full attention and awareness to your body, breath and spirit.   The dynamic vinyasa flow includes sun salutations, twists, backbends and inversions. The room is heated so you can get into your body faster and allow for a deep detox and cleanse.  Power Vinyasa yoga is also a breathing exercise which allows your breath to dictate the speed and rhythm of your movements thru the flow of vinyasa which translates to one breath per movement.   This practice teaches to many levels which allows for all levels of experience to be challenged and comfortable in the same class.