Baptiste Inspired Heated Power Yoga and Yoga Therapy Studio in Avon Connecticut

As a student of the True North community we respectfully request that you adhere to the following guidelines and policies, so that all students may enjoy an effective, safe and positive class and studio experience.

* Do your best to arrive on time for class however, we understand life happens.  In the event you are running late, please quietly find your

      sacred space and join in.
* Silence your cell phone before entering the studio and leave phone in cubby.
* Check-in with the instructor each time you arrive.
* Remove your shoes before entering the practice area.

* Please clean borrowed mats and blocks after each use.

* Please be aware of others mats and space and avoid stepping on  surrounding mats.
Please inform your instructor if:

* You need to leave early.
* You are new to True North.
* You have any medical considerations including injuries, pregnancy or special medications that might require exercise modifications.

Please keep in mind:

* Consult your physician before beginning any yoga practice.
* Use the cubby holes to store personal belongings.  Bringing them into the studio can be a hazard. 
* Come to class hydrated and on an empty stomach.   

True North Power Yoga is conveniently located in the quaint shopping plaza of Riverdale Farms on Rte. 10/202 (Simsbury Road) in Avon.   We are an easily accessible from Avon, Simsbury, West Hartford, Canton, Granby and Bloomfield.  Our address is 136 Simsbury Road, Building 6, behind Toshi Japanese Restaurant and directly across from the Lime Grill.   Parking is vast and free.

True North Power Yoga Inc.     136 Simsbury Road  Bldg. 6          Avon, CT 06001         Tel:  860-916-3272