Baptiste Inspired Heated Power Yoga and Yoga Therapy Studio in Avon Connecticut

True North Power Yoga is conveniently located in the quaint shopping plaza of Riverdale Farms on Rte. 10/202 (Simsbury Road) in Avon.   We are an easily accessible from Avon, Simsbury, West Hartford, Canton, Granby and Bloomfield.  Our address is 136 Simsbury Road, Building 6, behind Toshi Japanese Restaurant and directly across from the Lime Grill.   Parking is vast and free.

Yoga Therapy                                                                                                                                $120 Per Session/$600 for Six Sessions
Husky/Medicaid Accepted

Take control of your life by learning how to let go, let in and experience physical, emotional and spiritual freedom with yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy is an alternative approach to treating depression and anxiety. Over the past several years, scientific research has shown how yoga can change brain chemistry, decrease (and in some cases) heal the brain of mental illness with the integration of body, mind and spirit. Therapy from the yoga perspective will teach you not only self -care and love, it will also teach you how to observe your thoughts and feelings without responding to them with judgment. It will teach you how to sit with your negative thoughts without attachment, learning how to separate yourself from your thoughts, learning that most thoughts are not facts, just thoughts.

While practicing mindfully on the mat you will be confronted with thoughts and feelings you fear and avoid. Your yoga practice will teach you how to live in the discomfort of your thoughts and feelings by reconnecting you to your physical body and spirit. You will learn to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and you will inevitably learn how to find light in the darkest places of your life. Your asana practice, your physical practice, will create space in your body and which will in turn create space in your emotional mind and spirit.

Yoga therapy focuses on exploring the underlying issues of anxiety and depression through yoga asana, meditation and self-exploration. You will learn how to manage your mood through yoga postures, breath work, self-inquiry, and meditation. You will learn how to manage your moods by creating a yoga practice that will soothe and heal your inner spirit. You will learn how to cope and confront your fears, anxieties, anger, dis-ease on and off the mat.

True North Power Yoga Inc.     136 Simsbury Road  Bldg. 6          Avon, CT 06001         Tel:  860-916-3272